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We first started working with Aris and his team a few years ago, and they have really helped us grow our practice and standout in Los Angeles’s competitive environment. He helped us with ranking higher in search engines, Google Ads, social media, and following up with website visitors using display ads. He’s always looking for strategies to improve our marketing and finding ways for us to share our expertise with more patients. We love working with Aris and definitely recommend him for anyone who wants to grow their business or practice.
— SoCal Vision Center

Web Remarketing

Web Remarketing helps your business close more sales. While strategies such as SEO are meant to drive more traffic, Web Remarketing builds awareness and familiarity with your prospective customers to get them to either make a purchase or to take the next step in becoming your customer. It works by tracking people who have visited your website, and gently reminding them of your business and what you can offer them with an enticing advertisement. It really works. Major corporations dedicate hundreds of thousands of dollars to remarketing correctly as part of their larger marketing strategy.

People typically do not make a buying decision from the very first time they see or hear about your business. It takes time to build familiarity with the customer to the point where they want to learn more and become part of your customer base. Unfortunately, there are so many distractions pulling potential customers away before they even make their first purchase. Just when they start to learn about your business, they get pulled away by work, family, news, or they might even be shopping around. If you are a lawyer, doctor, or trade specialist and someone visits your website, then it’s highly likely they are shopping around and looking for the right team to help them. By using Remarketing, you effectively remind them of your business and build that awareness which is so necessary for doing business. If they don’t know you or remember you, will they buy from you?

Let us help your business get more sales through Remarketing. We start by having a consultation where we can better understand your business and your main products and services. Our professional team does all the heavy lifting to setup your Remarketing campaign, from working with advertising networks to designing the advertisement itself. Please contact us to get started. We want to help you grow your business.
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